Regional Development in Western Australia

Released on 8 June 2016, this publication presents the culmination of the State of the Regions event series, providing key insights from the series along with overarching actions to help ensure Western Australia’s Regions continue to thrive and prosper.


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Regional development in Western Australia draws together information discussed at each of the State of the Regions events and provides a snapshot of the WA regions, opportunities and barriers to growth and overarching actions to ensure growth in the regions continues.

This report also includes case studies of businesses in each region that are adapting to change and capitalising on comparative advantages in WA.

Five overarching recommendations from the report are:

  • Encourage strong leadership in the Regions by providing local leaders with the opportunity to make and be accountable for their own decisions.
  • Agree on each region’s comparative advantages, with a view to developing region-pacific branding within the wider regional development context.
  • Develop a pipeline of large, transformational investment projects that align with State-wide priorities and each region’s comparative advantages.
  • Strengthen regional investment decisions by introducing a transparent investment prioritisation framework and robust evaluation framework for funding proposals.
  • Create innovation hubs in each region to connect local communities and businesses with government, industry, innovators and financiers.

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