Information Paper 87: Sustainable Queensland Volume 1

Queensland is in danger of being "loved to death". Through active population management, workforce skilling and infrastructure planning, the State will ensure sustainable economic development without diminishing the enviable Queensland lifestyle. [Research and Policy article - Full content is only available to CEDA members]


Report highlights

Sustainable Queensland is the first of a three-volume series which reports on the challenges created by Queensland's rapid population growth. Volume 1 contains two reports which explore population dynamics and skills demand in this burgeoning state.

Anticipating a population of more than seven million people by 2051, Queensland is striving to develop new strategies which will ensure sustainable economic development without diminishing the enviable Queensland lifestyle.

A major threat to Queensland's future sustainability is unfettered population growth occurring in unplanned areas, particularly coastal settlements and towns, with inadequate housing, infrastructure and other facilities. Coupled with increasing population density in the SE corner, Queensland is in danger of being "loved to death".

Population growth, economic growth, the global resources boom, economic diversification and workforce ageing are all fuelling demand for skills. The existing skills deficits are increasingly apparent and require a long-term response. A fundamental shift in employer and community attitudes, together with expanded workforce training, will be necessary.  The Queensland government's Smart State strategy is making a considerable contribution to skills investment, while the Federal government's initiatives have been more modest.

Queensland's future depends on active management of population growth, workforce skilling and appropriate infrastructure planning.

The Sustainable Queensland project is chaired by Professor Ken Wiltshire of the University of Queensland Business School.

CEDA's view

CEDA Deputy Chief Executive Greg Meek says: "The Sustainable Queensland project breaks new ground."

"The report examines all facets of the burgeoning economy in terms of key growth drivers and constraints. As a necessary precursor to other chapters, we have commissioned two expert authorities to author chapters on the demographic changes underpinning Queensland's growth, and the insatiable appetitie of Queensland industry for skilled workers."

In a policy forum exclusive to Queensland Trustees, Sustainable Queensland Volume 1 was extensively scruitinised prior to public release. Greg Meek seeks to encourage other Trustees to be a part of this project and provide their input into the policy forums which will help shape Volumes 2 (Infrastructure) and Volume 3 (Private Capital Funding) of the Sustainable Queensland series.